Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take full coverage off my vehicle?

As a general rule of thumb, if you can afford to remove the full coverage after the vehicle is ten years old, it is recommended.  You can also choose to remove collision coverage, but keep the comprehensive (other than collision) coverage.  This would allow you to still have coverage for glass breakage, fire, theft, hail and hitting an animal (deer).

Do I need earthquake coverage?

Ohio has several earthquake fault lines.  There have been 15 earthquakes in the state that have caused minor to moderate damage. Seismically active zones, such as Allen, Auglaize, Mercer, and Shelby Counties in western Ohio and Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, and Lake Counties in northeastern Ohio have a higher risk than central and eastern Ohio, which have had almost no earthquakes.  It is important to understand earthquake coverage has a separate deductible than the policy deductible.  The earthquake deductible is a percentage of the coverage A value.  For example, if you have earthquake coverage with a 5% deductible, this means if your home is damaged by an earthquake, your deductible is 5% of the Coverage A limit on your policy.  If your Coverage A limit is $100,000, your deductible is $5,000.  For more information about Ohio earthquakes visit

What does Identity Theft coverage pay for?

Identity Theft coverage does not pay for the actual money stolen, but it pays to help restore your identity.  If your identity is stolen, it can be a difficult and time consuming task to restore it.  You may have to hire a lawyer, miss work, pay for reports/records, etc.  These are the types of items identity theft coverage would pay for.

What is GAP coverage?

GAP coverage pays for the difference between your loan value and the amount you would get paid if you vehicle is a total loss.  Brand new vehicles lose value once they are driven off the car lot, so it is possible the loan amount of your vehicle would be more than the insurance settlement.  GAP coverage pays the difference.

Why is my coverage A limit higher than the appraisal value of my home?

An appraisal is based on the market value of your home.  Coverage A on your insurance policy is based on replacement cost.  The coverage A limit on your insurance policy can be higher than the appraised value because it can cost more to replace your home than the market value of your home.

I don’t have any detached structures.  Can I delete Coverage B from my policy?

Coverage B is a percentage of the Coverage A limit.  This is a built in limit on the policy and deleting this coverage will not reduce the premium.

I don’t need that much Coverage C.  Can I change the Coverage C limit?

Coverage C is a percentage of the Coverage A limit.  This is a built in limit on the policy.  Keep in mind the Coverage C limit is for replacing all your personal property brand new.

I thought insurance was to pay for all my claims.  Why did my rate go up after filing my claim?

Most companies do have a claims surcharge.  This varies by company and depends on the number of claims you have and the amount paid out.  Insurance is meant to pay for devastating claims.  If you can afford to pay small claims out of pocket, it is recommended.  This helps to keep your premiums down.

Why do my homeowners rates keep going up?

Ohio has the fifth lowest homeowner insurance rates in the country (  In the past several years, Ohio has been hit with many devastating storms and weather events.  These weather events have caused record amounts of homeowner insurance claims.  This has resulted in most companies having to raise their homeowner rates.

I am going to rent a car, do I have insurance coverage?

The coverage for liability and physical damage does extend from your auto policy.  However, there are items a rental car company can charge you that may not be covered by your auto insurance provided you carry full coverage on at least one vehicle on your auto policy.  Some of these items are down time for the car, claims administration fees and depreciated value.  If you want to make sure you will be covered 100%, it is best to purchase the insurance from the rental car company.  If you are traveling outside of the United States, its territories and possessions, your auto insurance policy does not extend coverage and you must purchase rental car insurance.

Do I need auto insurance if I don’t own a vehicle?

Yes, you should purchase a named non-owner policy.  This ensures you are covered when you drive another person’s vehicle.

If I loan my car to someone, are they covered under my policy?

You can give permissive use to someone to drive your vehicle.  However, it is always a good idea to make sure they have auto insurance of their own.  Also, some policies have guidelines regarding how long you can loan your vehicle to someone.  If you plan to loan your vehicle to someone for any extended period of time, you should check with your agent.

Why do I need water back up coverage if I don’t have a basement?

Water can back up through any drain, tub, toilet or sump pump.  If you live on a slab or crawl space, the water will be on the main living level and damage to flooring and walls can be extensive.  We recommend everyone have water back up regardless of the foundation of your home.

Should I report an accident to my agent if it was not my fault?  Won’t this cause my rates to go up?

Yes, you should report any accident to your agent.  Your agent can help make sure the claim is handled by the other party’s insurance company properly.  Your insurance rates should not be impacted by a not at fault accident.

What is the difference between replacement cost coverage for my roof and actual cash value? Should I call you if we have a new roof put on our home?

Replacement cost coverage would replace or repair your roof if there was damage covered under your insurance policy.  Actual cash value coverage would pay damages based on a depreciated value for repairs or replacement of the roof.  If you have actual cash value for roof replacement and your roof is ten years old when damaged, you would receive an insurance settlement for the value of a ten year old roof.  If you put a new roof on your home, you should contact your agent.  Some companies offer discount for new roofs or even surcharge for an older roof.

Why do I need to insure my house for more than the loan balance?  Why isn’t this up to me?

Insurance companies require coverage A limit on an insurance policy is required, by the company, to be replacement cost coverage.  This allows the insurance company to replace your home if it is destroyed by a covered claim.  If you only insured your home for the loan value and that value is less than replacement cost, you would receive a co-insurance penalty at the time of a claim.

When should my child purchase his/her own auto insurance?

Your child should purchase their own insurance when the move out of the house.  While they are at college, as long as they consider your home their primary residence, they can remain on your auto policy.  However, once they change their primary address, they need to obtain their own auto insurance.

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The staff at Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance have always taken care of my insurance needs. They have advised me on how to best protect my family, home, business and employees. I appreciate having a local agent who I can talk to face to face when I have questions. I know them, I trust them and they work hard for me.

Vic Haddad - Trojan Auto Care
Here at Milcon Concrete, we have been a client of Koverman Dickerson Insurance since 1995 and have been very satisfied with their service. We have found them to be very customer driven and helped us expand our business by over 50%. In the construction industry it is very important to have an insurance agent that understands the business and reacts to the ever changing environment. Koverman Dickerson has proven to be a great partner over the years and I would recommend them to anyone. It is hard to find companies that respond to your needs with as much diligence and care as they do.

Mark Miller - Milcon Concrete
It was January 26, Carla’s birthday. While visiting her mother that day, in Dublin, Ohio, she got a call that our home was on fire. When she arrived home, an hour and a half later, the firemen were still there and so was our insurance agent, Joe Dickerson. Joe was nothing but comforting and supportive that day, as was our whole experience with Koverman Dickerson Insurance. As we would never have known what to do next, Joe had already started the process of restoration. Within hours Chris Morgan of Cincinnati Insurance and Mike Stacy of Airway Construction and Restoration were at the house assessing the damage, sealing off the roof (snowy, 19 degrees) and working late into the night to make sure the house was secure before they left the property. Everyone was prompt, thorough, and followed through until our home was restored in excellent condition. Through the whole process we never worried about our living arrangements, our house, or our property. All of the payments were made to all parties involved in the restoration process in a very timely manner. Even though this was a difficult experience, Joe Dickerson, the Koverman Dickerson family, Cincinnati Insurance, and Airway Construction have provided comfort, support, and wonderful service.

Carla and Gary Wilber - Wilber Fire