Customer Ratings & Reviews for Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance Agency

From the moment we became aware of our loss our agent Cale Arnold assured us that we would be reimbursed. He quickly provided us with the claim form and processed it immediately. We appreciated the prompt resolution of the claim to our complete satisfaction.
Chris & Kathleen G

I was completely taken care of and I was not inconvenienced
Robert P

At 4:30 pm on March 25th, 2022, I placed a call to Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance to notify them that we had an emergency issue at the Warehouse. Within minutes of my call, I was notified that Complete Detail Cleaning and Restoration was on their way. Waco Warehouse has been with Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance (Cincinnati Insurance Company) for over 40 years. Bob Koverman and Joe Dickerson and their staff have always helped with all of the Warehouse's needs. 
Tim Arnett, Waco Warehouse

Everyone was very helpful and friendly
Andrew B

Everything was handled in a timely manner
Sheila B

Quick response time and very respectful 
Vartouhie T


Very good job of keeping me informed of where we are in the claims process and always answered my questions.
Brian P

Team is fast and polite.
Mark L.

Everything was timely to our satisfaction
Jeff P


Cathy lead me through the process with great knowledge and empathy.
Don G.

After informing Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance of the incident, the claims team took action and helped me through the process and acted professionally.
Will D.

The claims team was responsive.
John P.

The staff at Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance have always taken care of my insurance needs. They have advised me on how to best protect my family, home, business and employees. I appreciate having a local agent who I can talk to face to face when I have questions. I know them, I trust them and they work hard for me.

Vic Haddad - Trojan Auto Care

Here at Milcon Concrete, we have been a client of Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance since 1995 and have been very satisfied with their service. We have found them to be very customer driven and helped us expand our business by over 50%. In the construction industry it is very important to have an insurance agent that understands the business and reacts to the ever changing environment. Koverman Staley Dickerson has proven to be a great partner over the years and I would recommend them to anyone. It is hard to find companies that respond to your needs with as much diligence and care as they do.

Mark Miller - Milcon Concrete

It was January 26, Carla's birthday. While visiting her mother that day, in Dublin, Ohio, she got a call that our home was on fire. When she arrived home, an hour and a half later, the firemen were still there and so was our insurance agent, Joe Dickerson. Joe was nothing but comforting and supportive that day, as was our whole experience with Koverman Dickerson Insurance. As we would never have known what to do next, Joe had already started the process of restoration. Within hours Chris Morgan of Cincinnati Insurance and Mike Stacy of Airway Construction and Restoration were at the house assessing the damage, sealing off the roof (snowy, 19 degrees) and working late into the night to make sure the house was secure before they left the property. Everyone was prompt, thorough, and followed through until our home was restored in excellent condition. Through the whole process we never worried about our living arrangements, our house, or our property. All of the payments were made to all parties involved in the restoration process in a very timely manner. Even though this was a difficult experience, Joe Dickerson, the Koverman Dickerson family, Cincinnati Insurance, and Airway Construction have provided comfort, support, and wonderful service.

Carla and Gary Wilber - Wilber Fire